Personal Injury

Rehan Nazrali Esq is an experienced personal injury Lawyer specializing in a wide variety of tort cases including but not limited to Automobile Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Individual Civil Rights, False Arrest, False Imprisonment, Carrier and Consumer Negligence, Dental and Medical Malpractice and a host of other both routine and complex personal injury cases.

Tort Law Cases  

Most common injuries people sustain that occur as a result of someone else’s fault are negligence cases. Intentional tort cases are where a person has been deliberately injured or hurt by someone else. In both Negligence and Intentional Tort, cases are won and lost at finding the defending party liable for the injuring act. Once liability has been established the Plaintiff is entitled to demand that sum of money damages that will best make him/her whole. Rehan Nazrali has demonstrated experience and skill in obtaining maximum value for his clients in the minimum of time but is always ready and prepared to take a case to trial where trial is the best value for the client. Rehan practices personal injury law in both State and Federal Courts. 

His personal injury practice is confined to NYC

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